Green grams


This are known as green grams or mung beans and in Kiswahili Ndengu, This green grams are frequently recommended for detoxifying the body and getting rid of toxics in the system .Green grams are said to have health benefits which are-

 They fight breast cancer, weight control, Diabetic friendly, protein source, controls blood pressure; they are also a source of protein. These are legumes Known for their seeds, they come in different colors green, black or yellow (they are a native crop in India).

The seeds (or the flour) may be used in different types of dishes such as porridge, bread, noodles, soups etc

There are two main varieties of green grams


- Has small seeds.

- Plants mature at different times.

- Matures late.

- Has a lot of stony seeds, which makes green gram meal difficult to eat.


- Has large seeds.

- Gives high yields and plants ripen at the same time.

- Matures early.

- Does well in dry areas.

The first weeding of these green grams should be done three weeks after the seeds have emerged and the second part of weeding should be done six weeks later.

Pests name



Bacterial blight(bean blight)

Leaf spots appear as small,

Water- soaked or light green areas on leaflets

Crop rotation


To store green grams they must be dry. The moisture content at storage should not be above 13%.They are very susceptible to Bruchid (bean weevil attack)

Now let’s get down to figures to plant green grams on a one acre piece of land you will need a total of ksh/=15,100 below is the breakdown



Labor for weeding

Labor for harvesting

Fertilizer(foliar for the leaves)

Seeds(2-4 kgs)







At the end of it all your yield should be 6-8 bags of 90kgs  and if as at today a 90kg bag is going for ksh/= 9000 then from your 6 bags you should be getting a total of ksh/=54000 And if its 8 bags then you should be getting atleast ksh/=72000

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