This is how being a serious farmer can make you smile!

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What would you do if you had 7 acres of land strategically positioned near a permanent stream of very clean water? Well, according to Gatero Jervasio, you could make Ksh 188,625 a month.

Mr. Gatero is a farmer who has realized the true value of intensive farming. He has 7 acres of land in Nyandarua County. His land is close to a canal of permanent running water. With such resources at his disposal, he bought a water pump that consumes fuel worth Ksh 1,000 every month and a water tank.

With the tank set on the most elevated part of his land, irrigation became easy as it was through force of gravity. He then chose to invest in production of cabbages, Kales, carrots, Potatoes shangi, Tomatoes and Snow peas.


He produces approximately 10,000 heads within 4 months. He uses Ksh 87,500 to run this investment which in return rewards him with a whooping Ksh 350,000. This means he gets a gross profit of Ksh 262, 500 within those 4 months (Ksh 65,625 a month from cabbages)


He has set an eighth of an acre for this business venture. Within two months, he produces 5000 plants with each plant giving him Ksh 20. His total cost of production for this venture amounts to approximately Ksh 25,000. This means he gets Ksh 75,000 from growing kales within 2 months (37.5 k a month).


¼ of an acre has been set to produce carrots. This is one of his new ventures he highly admires and wishes to expand its production capacity. Currently, he produces approximately 300 kg of these carrots within a month. He sells each Kg at Ksh 20 making him only Ksh 6,000. He only used Ksh 1,500 a month for this venture last time hence a profit of Ksh 4,500.

Potato shangi and tomatoes.

He works closely with KARI quite often to develop potato seeds alongside the ware-potatoes (consumption potatoes). His average monthly cost of producing these potatoes amounts to Ksh 10,000 which in return awards him with 20 bags (50 kg each) of potatoes shangi at a price of Ksh 2,000 each bag. This translates to Ksh 30,000 profit from growing these potatoes.

His tomatoes venture is not highly booming as it only gives him Ksh 15,000 a month.

Snow peas

Horticulture is an excellent sector to invest in. For Gatero, closing the chapter with an export crop was a perfect plan. His snow peas venture has been rewarding him with Ksh 72,000 every 2 months after investing approximately Ksh 24,000. This means his monthly profit is approximately Ksh 36,000. Quality control in these export commodities is very critical and that’s why he has been working closely with MFarm agronomist in Nyandarua County to ensure that his snow peas are of high quality. MFarm has been able to group him together with other farmers near his location and linked them with an exporter for the snow peas.

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And that is how Gatero makes Ksh 188,625 a month. With the help of MFarm, He has recently introduced garden peas into his group of investments hoping to push the revenue stream much higher. According to him, he works hard to ensure that his clients never run out horticultural supply. His major market outlets for the vegetables are schools and hotels around Nyandarua Town. For the potatoes, he sells them to retailers around his area as well as other farmers for seeds.

“In my dictionary, ‘No’ doesn’t exist. I make sure that I am up by 4:30 am to ensure everything is set for the day. I make sure that no client should miss any product we have agreed upon at any day of the month” He points out. Like we always say, nothing comes easy. Waking up at such wee hours of the morning is no joke.

That is Gatero’s story, what would you do if you were given such resources?

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