Potato production in kenya

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Potato is one of the most consumed produce in Kenya, coming second to Maize. It acts as a staple food crop as well as cash crop for many rural and semi urban dwellers playing an important role in improving national food security and income generation for those involved in its value chain development.


According to a study by S.R.M Janssens in 2013 titled ‘The value chain for seed and ware potatoes in Kenya; Opportunities for development’, Potato is grown in Kenya by approximately 500,000 small scale farmers on 120,000 hectares with an average yield of 7.7 tons per hectare. Majority of...



 These are popular vegetables that are very easy to grow, they are resistant to most pests and diseases and are a good late season crop  and can tolerate the cold, not all carrots are orange, varieties vary in color from purple to white. Though here in Kenya it’s the orange ones that are mostly grown and with this orange vegetable you get vitamin A and other benefits including beautiful skin (ladies), cancer prevention, and anti-aging. Here are other benefits that come from taking this amazing vegetable.

-  Improved Vision.

- Cleanses the body.

- Anti-Aging

- Healthy Glowing...


Making farming easier through technology.

Technology is introducing efficiency in agriculture, for example M-Farm’s mobile application that gives price information to farmers. The co-founders of M-Farm developed the low-tech-application introducing transparency in agricultural trading by empowering the rural farmer to get the best price for their produce and what markets to go to and when. Unscrupulous middlemen often forced farmers to sell their produce at low prices because farmers had no way of knowing the market prices. In most incidences, farmers were forced to deeply discount their produce just to take some money home. If a...


Avocados 2

Avocados, the fruits that are very nutritious and have high protein and oil content. They perform well from 0-2100 m above sea level.  When planting, the soils should be deep and free draining. the varieties that do well are:-  




Hybrid, Green, thin skinned pebbled  fruits of very good flavor


Vigorously growing trees with black fruits. grows well in Kenya


Green fruits with good flavor....




Green chili peppers are the fruits of the capsicum plant and are harvested before they have reached maturity. Chili peppers are grown from seeds and get their "heat" from an alkaloid called capsaicin. Chilies are said to be a good source of vitamin c.

The Chilies should take a few weeks to develop and will take a further couple of weeks to change from green to red. You can harvest them when they are Green or Red. They will start to shrivel after they have been on the plant for a while but they can still be harvested and used at this stage.

The longer you leave the chilies on the plant, the...



Beetroot is relatively straight forwards to grow and accordingly it is very popular, with a unique flavor and color to add to salads and juice. Beetroot is biennial which is grown like an annual vegetable which should be grown in damp areas. Once the beetroot is ready, harvest by lifting the leaves then cut them off, and store on a damp newspaper. The beetroot should then keep for 2 to 3 months. It has a wide variety of uses in the kitchen which means that you are unlikely to waste any of it. It can be used in soups, salads and chutneys and also juice, it is also good served as a hot...


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Leafy Amaranths Other names: Mchicha in Kiswahili Amaranth is an herbaceous annual belonging to the family Amaranthaceae. The plant has green or red leaves and branched flower stalks (heads) bearing small seeds, variable in colour from cream to gold and pink to shiny black. There are about 60 species of Amaranthus, however, only a limited number are of the cultivated types, while most are considered weedy species and hence rarely preserved. It is wide spread in tropical and subtropical regions of the world and widely distributed in humid to sub humid areas in Kenya mainly as a weed....

Passion fruits


These are small but very juicy fruits that come in two types passiflora edulis and Passiflora flavicarpa. Passiflora edulis is purple in colour when ripe, and are very acidic, and passiflora flavicarpa is the yellow passion fruit,which are oval in shape. There are many selections and hybrids with the yellow passion fruits, which are bigger, with similar taste though are more acidic. Both varieties are green before ripening. The Purple passion fruits are subtropical while yellow passion fruits are more suited to the tropics and grow well in tropical countries like Kenya. The purple passion...


Green grams


This are known as green grams or mung beans and in Kiswahili Ndengu, This green grams are frequently recommended for detoxifying the body and getting rid of toxics in the system .Green grams are said to have health benefits which are-

 They fight breast cancer, weight control, Diabetic friendly, protein source, controls blood pressure; they are also a source of protein. These are legumes Known for their seeds, they come in different colors green, black or yellow (they are a native crop in India).

The seeds (or the flour) may be used in different types of dishes such as porridge, bread,...




This is a vegetable that is mostly used in salads and apparently said to be good for the Nails, Skin And even Hair 

Now let’s talk about how easy it is to grow cucumbers. They are easy to plant, easy to care for as well as harvest. Additionally, they do very well during hot weather. Cucumbers can easily be grown in open fields, in containers or small buckets. As long as you keep them watered and picked, a typical cucumber plant will continue to produce fruit for a number of weeks

Naturally the cucumber takes between 50 – 60 days from planting to harvest and if taken care of well, you...


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