M-Farm Services on SMS

How it works: M-Farm offers smallholder farmer with three services: price information, collective crop selling, and collective input buying. They are currently collecting wholesale market price information on 42 crops in five markets in Kenya. Pricing information is collected daily through independent data collectors using geocoding to ensure that the prices are being collected from wholesale traders actually located in each market.

Easy to Join

Sign up to be able to sell your produce on M-Farm.

Subscribe to M-Farm by sending an SMS to 20255 (Safaricom Users) in the format below. To be able to sell your products through our marketplace.
"Join FirstName LastName Location"

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Get Realtime crop prices

Latest Wholesale market prices at a flat rate of Kshs. 1.00 . Try it out!

Get Crop Prices from M-Farm by sending an SMS to 20255 (Safaricom Users) in the format below
"Price cropname location"

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Sell you crop with us

Lets us help you get to market faster and with less headaches.

Subscribe to M-Farm by sending an SMS to 20255 (Safaricom Users) in the format below
"Sell cropname weight price"

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Get M-Farm Services on Android

How it works: Power up you samsung android mobile device. Head to your samsung store app. Hit categories and go to Utility Category. Search for 'mfarm' under that category.

Our application is free So just hit Download and get real time crop prices from M-Farm. We have a selection of 42 crops to start and prices from 5 Major Towns in Kenya. The application delivers the latest prices for over the past 5 days of the week. We collect prices Monday to Saturday. Download and start making deals based on current market prices no matter based on the nearest market we are reporting from.

M-Farm Android App on Google Play Store

M-Farm limited, would like to announce the partnership with Samsung that has seen us release our mobile application, which is available on Android phones.The mobile tool allows farmers to receive accurate, real-time crop price information daily, 6 days a week, being sourced from 5 major markets in Kenya: Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and Kitale.

The M-Farm mobile application gives monthly analysis of the crop prices in different markets, showing the price trends. Therefore, the farmer is able to make informed economic decisions on what to plant when, how to price his produce and where to sell.

Crop Categories

We report as per Crop Categories devised by the Ministry of Agriculture in Kenya

Once you have you Android M-Farm App installed. Click on the app icon. The app jumps straight to the categories menu. Select the category where your product of choice falls. This will lead to a listing of crops within that category.

The is back button on the next screen to drive you back to the categories page.

Crop Listing per Category

We report from a selection of 42 of the most common crops in Kenyan Marketplaces

Tapping on a category will lead you to a crop listing under that chosen category. This view is scrollable if the list is long. You can search from the top of the list for faster filtering of crops. Once you find the crop of choice, Tap on it once again to get access to the prices over the past 5 days.

The back button on the next screen to drive you back to the crop-listing page of the category you selected.

Crop Prices

We have a 5 day price feed of the crop selected should the crop be available in the market

Mostly likely by now you have selected a crop and tapped on it. The next screen is a 5 day - 5 markets breakdown of the set crop. A day by day comparison of prices of a set crop across the 5 towns we report from. There is town filter at the town to filter the listing by location basis.

The is back button on the next screen to drive you back to the crops listing page.

Our Wonderful Partners

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